Ultimate Achievements LLC, introduces "Triumphant Journey".
An excellent art rendition of John Bunyan's famous allegory, "The Pilgrim's Progress".

About Pilgrim's Progress: John Bunyan, persecuted for his faith, in the cold isolation of a prison cell awoke from a dream.  He immediately proceded to record what he saw and heard in his dream.  The amazing revelation of that night's vision became known as the highly acclaimed story, "The Pilgrims Progress." 

"Christian", with his two companions, "Faithful and Hopeful," travel a perilous journey, from the "City of Destruction" to the glorious "Celestial City".  Interrupted on their journey at least fifty-eight times, they encounter a series of perilous dangers, which impacts the reader with life challenging revelations! 

Ultimate Achievements, LLC, is making this masterful adventure available to the public in two exiting formats.  A brilliantly colored 32"x22" digitized poster, and in an attractively packaged, 1000 piece tabletop puzzle.  Designed for your spiritual encouragement, both items come with a 12-page booklet featuring explanations of each event, with biblical references relevant to the "Triumphant Journey".  Each product is uniquely designed for suitable framing and display, 

About the Artist: Upon completing two years of the Pratt Institute, N.Y., Phyllis Sweeney's career as a professional artist began creating greeting cards.  She then continued her formal training and graduated from Veronica Cass National School of Retouching.  Her accomplishments included works for Nova University and Florida Atlantic University.

Preceding this most recent artistic rendition, Phyllis also founded her own company, entitled "Fine-Art Restoration," where she has devoted fifteen years of professional expertise.  Her precision to the restoration of priceless paintings and prints of acclaimed value, include masterpieces by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Pierre Auguste Remoir.   

Phyllis has been recognized by many prestigious and notable art guilds, and was awarded first prize from the American League of Pen Women, for her acclaimed piece entitled, "The Cube."  Other illustrative achievements include Phyllis' eight volume series of children's books.  Some of her most rewarding work has been teaching art to young people for the United Way, designing logos for use on tee shirts and clothing for the  Habitat for Humanity and public schools in Boca Raton, Florida, as well as completing artwork for the Boca Beautification Committee.

Suggested Ideas and Applications for the Triumphant Journey picture Puzzle, Poster and Booklet:

  • Family Devotions 
  • Bible Studies 
  • Scripture and key story line memorization 
  • Book Club Discussions 
  • Home School Applications 
  • Group Question and Answer Exercises 
  • Sunday School Activities 
  • Fun for the Entire Family.
Ultimate Achievements, LLC, is a Florida based company, dedicated to creating and distributing a unique line of products, especially designed to help accommodate the various challenges facing our current generation.  The company is devoted to people, ideas and products with empowering concepts.

Committed to the belief that our society is growing in its appreciation for a higher standard of substance, Ultimate Achievements is privileged to introduce "Triumphant Journey", an artistic rendition of John Bunyan's, "The Pilgrim's Progress." Highly acclaimed artist, Phyllis F.  Sweeney, creatively portrays this timeless spiritual allegory on canvas.  It is noteworthy that in all English literature "The Pilgrim's Progress," written almost three hundred fifty years ago, is considered the most widely read allegory of all time! 

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