...Phyllis F. Sweeney
Accomplished artist, Phyllis F. Sweeney is the creator of "Triumphant Journey," which portrays the events of Christian's adventures in John Bunyan's literary classic, The Pilgrim's Progress.

Upon completing two years of Pratt Institute, N.Y., Phyllis Sweeney's art career started as a greeting card artist.  Phyllis continued her formal training and graduated from Veronica Cass National School of Retouching.  Her art accomplishments included works for Nova University and Florida Atlantic University.

Phyllis' extended works include fine art, illustrations and restoration.  Many of Phyllis' fine arts have been sold throughout New York and Florida.

Phyllis founded her own company, "Fine-Art Restoration," where she has devoted fifteen years of professional expertise and artistic precision to the restoration of priceless paintings and prints of acclaimed value.  Her restorations included masterpieces by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Pierre Auguste Renoir.  Phyllis has been recognized by many of the prestigious and notable art guilds around the country.  She has been awarded First Prize, form the American League of Pen Women, for her acclaimed piece entitled, "The Cube."

Phyllis' illustrated achievements include an eight volume series of children books, which are read in libraries and countless homes throughout North America.  She has taught to students of all ages.  Some of her most rewarding work has been teaching art to young people for the United Way.  She has designed the logos, which have been used for tee shirts and clothing for the Habitat for Humanity and some of the public schools in Boca Raton, Florida.  Phyllis also completed advertising art for the Boca Beautification Committee.

Kristy and Susan Fisher, friends of Phyllis, inspired her to create this art rendering.  Phyllis has devoted close to three years in finalizing her unique rendition, that she has titled, "Triumphant Journey."