Accomplished artist, Phyllis Sweeney, beautifully illustrates in full color, the pathway taken by Pilgrim in John Bunyan's literary classic, The Pilgrim's Progress, Her artistic rendition of Pilgrim's quest for the Celestial City is titled, Triumphant Journey. Triumphant Journey is now printed and provided in a 30.5 x 20.5 Poster.  Triumphant Journey is also presented as a 1,000 piece picture puzzle.  Both the Poster and Puzzle are accompanied with a 12-page booklet that presents a paragraph description of each event in the journey with Bible references to expand further on each event illustrated.  The opportunity for continued learning, teaching, and enjoyment is endless for individuals, families, Sunday school classes, and various other enhancements.
Ideas and Applications
  • Family Devotions
  • Bible Studies
  • Memorization of Scripture and key paragraphs in Christian's journey
  • Book Club Discussions
  • Home School Applications
  • Group Question and Answer Exercises
  • Sunday School Activities
  • Fun for the Entire Family.  See who can piece the puzzle together in the fastest time.
These are just a few of the applications, values and benefits to be derived from using our products.  Triumphant Journey is an astounding work of art of one of the most remarkable allegories to ever portray the Christian journey from sin and despair, to the Cross of Christ, and then forward to eternal bliss in the Celestial City.